JAK Travel General Data Protection Policy

As part of our ‘Treating Customers Fairly’, our policy is to give clear information on what data is held, in what form this data is held and what this data is used for, also how we protect this data. All persons have the right to have such data deleted if requested. We will only provide this data to others if we have a legal obligation to do so, we will not share this data with any other organization for marketing, Market research or commercial purposes.

What data do we hold:


  • Names
  • Postal address
  • Contact telephone number/s
  • Email address
  • On occasion your insurance policy emergency contact details

In what form is this data held
Computer records on TBS,CM and Quickbooks computer programs and paper documents

Why we hold this information

  • Tour and private hire administration purposes
  • Marketing by JAK Travel only via direct mail (post and email)

Where this information is stored
On a password protected  programs and server and in secured building

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