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2017 Newsletter Highlights

As you know we publish a newsletter every new year with information about our holidays, day trips and company plans. Click here to read the 2017 newsletter in full. Aside from our wonderful holidays here are a few snippits for 2018....

Holiday Brochure Cover

As much as we like our coaches, for the first time we have used a cover picture without a coach on it, as we want to emphasise the places we go, rather than the vehicles themselves. However, from time to time, in future the coaches will reappear. If you have taken any photos of our coaches with a scenic or interesting background, which you think might be a suitable brochure cover, and don’t mind us printing, then please e-mail us a copy. Our preference is for the coach to be part of a picture, but not necessarily the focal point.

It Shouldn’t Happen to a Coach Operator

This is the title of Alan’s new presentation which he does for group meetings, and is becoming very popular with tales of what coach drivers hotel rooms are like, bizarre questions we get asked, and how Alan managed to find himself shut in a prison with the coach party awaiting his return ! If you think this may be of amusement and interest for a group you are a member of, please contact the office on office@jaktravel.co.uk or telephone: 01274 566200 for further details.

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For up todate information on our excursions and day trips you can now find us on Facebook. Please like our page and keep in touch. https://www.facebook.com/JAKTravel

Travel Insurance

From 1st January this year we will no longer be offering Travel Insurance on our holidays, as we have taken the decision not to renew our authorisation given by the Financial Conduct Authority for the direct sale of travel insurance. The process was becoming extremely time consuming, bureaucratic and expensive to operate for just the one insurance product we sold, so we have said enough is enough.

We will now recommend an insurer for you to contact, as we believe it is extremely prudent for you to be insured, though of course, you are free to make your own decision whether you take the travel insurance through the company we recommend or go elsewhere. It is not compulsory to take out Travel Insurance (though recommended) for tours within the United Kingdom, but it is compulsory for tours outside mainland U.K. and we do need proof of adequate insurance being in place before travelling to destinations outside the U.K.

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